In close collaboration with you and your co-workers we analyze the situation and show you the road to success.


ABC | ABRAMOVIC BUSINESS CONSULTING is particularly specialized in efficient and qualified business consulting for small to medium-sized businesses. In our work we especially imply the specific characteristics of Europe.


As business consultants we first observe your business in all its facets. Then through this impartial, independent and competent analysis, we offer you the necessary support that you need for your individual decisions about restructuring and the implementation of new solutions.


When calculating the economic efficiency of plans, we also stand advisory by your side with sustainable and constructive solutions. Additionally, we give Startup-businesses the necessary advice and support to find their way through the jungle of business possibilities. From founder coaching, to creating business plans, to ongoing consulting.


We provide professional advice about all your important business concerns and questions:   

• Financing possibilities

• Distribution und calculation

• Advertising and Marketing

• New strategy development and business 


• Human Resource Management

• Corporate processes and company


• Crisis management

• Expansion of your business

• Investments

Strategy & Potentials

In the segment of strategic problems and questions we offer advice to develop new strategies and goals, as well as to develop new business sectors. This also includes that we offer support for the formation and development of strategic alliances.


In doing so, we are guided by the classical approach of strategy development, including the strategy approaches and components which usually exist in the company.

Sales representatives for industry goods

As sales representatives for industry goods we act as an independent company in the sales B2B area in almost all sectors of industry. ABC intermediates goods between companies on all economic levels.


As a sales representatives we offer, besides the sheer intermediation, a variety of services in e.g. sales-support, technical consulting and development work, representation and consulting.


We have valid knowledge of the markets and the competition and can comprehensively consult your clients and represented companies regarding products and marketing policies.





Industry, engineering, drive technology & metal working

  • Electric motors
  • Gearbox

  • Frequency inverter

  • Automation

  • Plant engineering and construction

  • Automotive supplier

  • Special engineering

  • Series production

  • Tool manufacturing


  • Wholesale & Retail trade in the most various sectors 

Export &

new markets

Particularly medium-sized companies increasingly need an establishment of branch offices and production facilities abroad, as well as export growth. Reasons for this can be various: you want to open up to international markets, you want to increase export or you want to make use of cost benefits in other countries etc.


We offer support and consulting in all areas when planning to internationalize. In doing so, we use our extensive experience, as well as our own international partnerships in various European countries and international.



Central Europe & International

ABC covers the Central European region. Of course we are also active internationally in various projects with our consulting partners. Among them are regions like the Balkans, UK Scandinavia, Russia, China etc. ABC consulting tries to keep close contact with its clients in bordering countries, as e.g. in the Netherlands or in the D-A-CH-region. Our place of business in Kleve in Germany is located ideally to guide the most important European industry centers (as e.g. NRW/Germany) or in the neighboring Netherlands.

ABC | Specialised Industrial Consulting