We see ourselves as a business consulting and supporting firm. Professional and social competence demand one another. That is something we know and we live and work according to this principle!

Our strategy

Our partners and clients

We don’t consult structures, but people. We initiate and support processes and see ourselves as promoters of change processes in companies. Our clients know, that we always listen, support and help to make the right decisions.



The reliance between consultant and entrepreneur is the foundation for a successful cooperation. We are proud that we have been assigned or recommended by our regular clients.



One of the most important tasks of the ABC-consultants is to motivate the entrepreneurs or executives. Assurance, courage and self-confidence are central success factors for executives. Together we acquire ways to keep these factors, even in the stressful daily business. Because consulting only makes sense, if entrepreneurs and executives can convince themselves as well as others. Only then a qualified consulting is possible.  


Our philosophy

Our work

Besides creating expert reports and concepts is the main focus of our work the successful implementation of the acquired solutions. Before being a consultant, the people in our company were managing directors themselves or worked on leading positions.


Our solutions

Our solutions are always holistic and besides the profitable aspects, we also consider the social component of change and restructuring processes. This is why besides branch knowledge and experience, our partners possess a high level of leading and social competence. 

Our competences

Social competence

signifies the general cooperation with clients, managing directors, the board of directors, project managers and staff members, as well as with colleagues in ABC consulting.


Personal decision-making and responsibility

affects the credibility and trustworthiness of ABC consultants (being their natural self).


Communicative competence

 indicates the interactive skills of an ABC consultant (listening and informing actively) in his diverse fields of action and with diverse interlocutors: counselling interviews with clients, talks with colleagues, talks with superiors. Eventually, the most important thing is, to use an understandable language when talking about important matters.


Motivational competence

 affects the work-related, intrinsic motivation of the ABC consultant and his ability to get others enthusiastic about something, as well as the ability to motivate himself and to learn something new every day. 

Responsibility approach

indicates the work-related, ethic-moral competence and unconditional responsibility in performing the work as an ABC consultant. It is usually recorded in the guidelines of consulting companies.


Emotional competence

 affects the ability to perceive the atmosphere in the counseled businesses, to capture the particular opponent as a whole, to take him seriously and accept him, to detect the feelings of others and to reflect them, to recognize trends and to sense where it is going to.


Competence of experience

is shown in the ability to record own experiences, to critically reflect on them, to relearn where necessary and to share the made experience.


Emotive self-controlling

indicates the skill to guide yourself as a consultant, to control your own feelings, to contain yourself even under pressure and stress, not to lose control. In addition to this, a consultant must have the skills of volition (willpower) and resilience (stress management) – even in hard times.


A good ABC consultant relies on the thorough determination of facts, strictly structured analysis and logical synthesis. In the consulting business we need the gut instinct too: what is said besides the actual message or what are people afraid of, what motivates them, as well as how do I really get through to someone? All these questions can often only be answered by a good gut instinct. And that is what we have!